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Why Modulo?

Discover modulo:
The system that works for you.

Modulo. The first. The game changer since 2012.
Designed as an intelligent system for performance and peace of mind in lens production, it has become an integral part of every modern lens manufacturing for almost ten years, producing thousands of jobs per hour worldwide.

And it grows, produces ever faster, simply the No. 1.


lowest cost-per-lens

What our customers say.

Lab professionals sharing their Modulo success stories.

With thousands of machines installed and a large number of bespoke Modulo labs set up around the world, we have asked a few of our customers to tell us about their experience implementing Modulo and the Modulo impact. These are their stories.

Latest news at a glance.

Latest Launch

No. 01/11: CCP Modulo ONE - Our very first innovation launched in our series of revelations is this powerful polisher providing unmatched throughput at excellent quality, setting new benchmarks.

Why Modulo?

Self-organizing philosophy! Working with Modulo is like hitting autopilot on a high-speed jet. The cognitive machines manage the production flow fully self-sufficient. Let the system work for you.

New Success Story

BOD Group - From CD to solar and lenses. Read the fascinating story about how the BOD group took the plunge into an entirely new industry - possible with SCHNEIDER's enabling Modulo technology.