CCP modulo ONE

Lights out polishing

Better quality, drastically higher throughput, lower complexity

CCP Modulo ONE simplifies polishing with a brand-new philosophy. The new spindle design and pad architecture combined with smarter process technology make superior polishing extremely simple.

Just a single pad is enough to achieve highest quality results over the full range. Its innovative pad design provides the versatility and durability required to for long-term uninterrupted polishing – all-shift long.

Consequently, CCP Modulo ONE works entirely without tool changes, eliminating the risks that come with it. Running all processes simultaneously, the innovative polisher works at unprecedented speed for highest throughput.

CCP Modulo ONE comes with full 4.0 intelligence, smart pad wear monitoring for early tear and wear recognition as well as a dedicated cleaning station.

Fast and highly cost-effective, the robust polisher provides labs with lowest cost per lens in the market!

One pad, full range, best quality

Widely differing material characteristics, diverse lens designs, and poli-shing techniques make excellent polishing a science. Even more so, when striving for highest throughput.
In the past, labs could only achieve top results with a range of different pads and an individually optimized process. CCP Modulo ONE simplifies polishing with a brand-new philosophy and pad architecture. A single pad can polish the full bandwidth of lenses (up to 18 dpt) at unprecedented speed. How is this possible? The new philosophy provides new found opportunities based a new workpiece spindle design, special new pad abilities and advanced process algorithms. Optimized process parameters for each lens allow perfect tailoring to the individual needs.
Whether a simple or a complex job, CCP Modulo ONE is the right solution. It offers highest lens design integrity, lowest waviness and best surface roughness. Even lenses with unfavorable blocking conditions and edges are polished with ease.

Smart processes and simplicity for fastest polishing

The reduced complexity results in highest process stability. The new click-easy pad locking mechanism makes sure pads can be mounted easily and prevents them from falling off. Working entirely without tool changes, a number of handling processes are eliminated. As a result, former auxiliary times are now used for high-speed polishing. Non-productive times are at an all-time low. Process times are further streamlined by running all processes simultaneously – handling and polishing, washing and pad check – facilitating highest productivity.

2- vs. 4-spindles

Available in two versions, CCP Modulo ONE comes with either two or four active spindles for one- or two-step polishing.
The basic 2-spindle version has been designed for fast and highly cost-effective one-step polishing with a single pad.
The 4-spindle version is ideally suited for material mixes requiring two-step polishing. The two-spindles at the top polish the lenses, whereas the ones at the bottom do the fine-polishing. A lateral move is all it takes to switch from polishing to fine-polishing. It doesn’t get any faster.

Alternatively, the 4-spindle version can serve as a double-setup with four spindles carrying the same pads. This setup facilitates uninterrupted polishing all-shift long thanks to the high pad lifetime. The sophisticated machine design ensures best accessibility for maximum ease of maintenance.

Process intelligence, 4.0 ready

RFID sensors and an intelligent pad identification guarantee the use of the correct pad. Based on the individual code, information can be traced, opening up advanced options for process analysis. In addition, mix-ups that may compromise polishing quality can be avoided.
The laser-based pad-wear monitoring recognizes first signs of wear and tear at a very early stage and sends alerts if a problem arises. This way, ongoing production stability and reproducible quality is guaranteed.

Squeaky clean lenses
and block pieces

CCP Modulo ONE comes with a dedicated cleaning station, cleaning both the lens and the block piece thoroughly from polish residue using water jets.

Subsequently the blocked lens is spun at high-speed to dry it.

The clean lens and block piece go back to a clean tray.

The Modulo advantage

CCP Modulo ONE comes with an on-board global interface philosophy that allows connection to the Modulo system.

Once connected to the Modulo system, the machine works as an integral part of this one-of-a-kind solution and is subject to the centralized monitoring Control Center. The lab manager is fully informed about the current status of the machine. Therefore, critical situations and downtime can be avoided before they arise.

Higher uptimes and increased yields are assured.

Modulo Self-Organizing System


Unmatched throughput and uptime

Little to no non-productive times

Highest quality results

Just one pad for any radii (one-step polishing)

Higher pad lifetime

No tool changes, no fallen or lost tools

Dedicated washing station

Supports the new cognitive Modulo machine philosophy


CCP modulo ONE brochure

Technical Data

lens diameter

up to ø 92 mm

clamping system

block ø 43 mm


CR39, Hi-index, Polycarbonate, Trivex®

curve range

concave 0 – 18 diopters

power consumption

4,5 kVA avg.

air requirement

6 bar (87 psi)

weight machine

approx. 1300 kg (2867 lb.)

dimensions without control panel (width x depth x height)

approx. 1600 x 1910 x 1775 mm (63 x 76 x 70 inches)

All data subject to change without notice. Please verify details with SCHNEIDER.