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Lab professionals sharing their Modulo success stories.

With thousands of machines installed and a large number of bespoke Modulo labs set up around the world, we have asked our customers to tell us about their experience implementing Modulo and the Modulo impact. These are their stories.


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VSP Optics // 5 questions with Don Oakley

In this Q&A the President of VSP Optics talks about his Modulo experience

VSP Optics, Folsom, was one of the first Modulo Line installations worldwide. We interviewed early adopter Don Oakley twice, at the inauguration of the line back in 2014 and 7 years later, to learn about his experience. Watch video!

#earlyadopter #boldmove #7yearslater

SZATMÁR OPTIKAI KFT. // An Eastern European Power-Lab

Powered by SCHNEIDER technology

The growing demand in the Eastern European and UK target markets required Szatmár Optikai Kft. to quickly increase its own production capacities.

The challenge: installing a new production line next to the existing line within a few weeks.

#fastestrampup #nodowntime #throughputdoubled

CR SURFACING // Small Family Business becomes Key Player

Breaking new ground with SCHNEIDER machinery

CR Surfacing produces world-class quality lenses. In Australia, for Australia.
Looking for a new full solution partner for excellent machinery and sophisticated lens designs, CR surfacing decided to partner with SCHNEIDER in 2017.
One year later the company went green, implementing an award-winning General Waste Management System.

#cuttingedgetechnology #australianmade #innovation


National Vision Inc.

Modulo: The system that works for National Vision Inc.

James Monaghan, the director of lab operations at National Vision Inc., Plano (Texas, USA) shares his experience with the Modulo lens manufacturing system.

In this interview, James Monaghan and Sammy Bady discuss the peace if mind lens manufacturing system Modulo and the key benefits of the SCHNEIDER CMMS and Modulo Control Center for their daily lab operations.

Learn more about NVI’s experience with the Modulo system in this two-part interview.

#peaceofmind #moduloworksforNVI #CMMS #controlcenter #easyinstallation

BOD GROUP // From CD to Solar and Lenses

With SCHNEIDER's enabling modulo technology

The BOD GROUP, an established corporation in the CD/DVD replication and solar sector, took the plunge into a new business market: Ophthalmics. Trusting in SCHNEIDER’s expertise, the group invested in Modulo technology.

#largestbalticlab #100000lenses #mostmodern

Latest News

Latest Launch

No. 10 & 11: Inline Coating - Finally, the time has come for our last two launches in our series of revelations shaping the Power-Lab of the Next Decade. The brand new hardcoating and rapid response coating module were premiered at DigiCON 2022 end of June.

Automated Dome Loader (ADL)

No. 09: Automated Dome Loader (ADL) - With the ADL dome loader, SCHNEIDER automates batch coating for the medium-sized and larger lab, a process that used to be strictly manual. It loads, unloads and flips the lenses if both sides of a lens need AR coating. The ADL is the ideal companion to the powerful and reliable EBC coating systems.

A brilliant mind inside

No. 08: Modulo Control Center - The brilliant mind inside, the Modulo Control Center, is now extended by three exciting new features. The intelligently designed management cockpit now comes with real-time cost tracking, in-depth breakage analysis and is now also available for stand-alone or classic lab layouts.