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The growing demand in the Eastern European and UK target markets required for Szatmár Optikai Kft. to quickly increase its own production capacities.
The challenge: installing a new production line next to the existing line within a few weeks.


SZATMÁR OPTIKAI KFT. // Mátészalka, Hungary

01 A most modern digitalized and
automated lens production.

An increasing demand for eyeglass lenses for Szatmár’s target markets in the UK and Eastern Europe led to the decision to take the step towards an automated production line. 27 new Modulo machines with small footprint complement the existing production line to manufacture more than 19,000 lenses per day.

The enhanced Modulo Line self-organising system has increased surfacing capability to 130,000 lenses per week for our Northern European stores.

Production Manager Szatmár Optikai Kft.

Rapid installation.
Fast ramp-up.
No downtime.


installation time
was all it took


to add another
lenses per hour.


lenses per day.

Part I

5 weeks

13 machines

+ 180 lenses/h capacity

The fastest ramp up of a Modulo line ever.

Part II

3 weeks

14 machines

+ 220 lenses/h capacity

Installed under running conditions. No downtime.

02 Doubling the throughput of
generators and polishers

The existing and the new line are set up side-by side offering a direct comparison.

What strikes the eye: Despite the relatively smaller number of generators and polishers in the new setup its throughput is significantly higher.

How is this possible? The increase in throughput can be attributed to two effects. One is the superiority of the new machine generations. Another one is grounded in the Modulo Line’s one-of-a-kind arrangement and production philosophy.

The system intelligently interlinks machines, measurement systems, accessories and conveyors in one single unit with the cognitive machines managing the production flow fully self-sufficiently.

The result: Szatmár’s new Modulo Line achieves twice the throughput of the generators and polishers compared to the existing production line.

03 Benefiting from industry 4.0
intelligence in opthalmics

Szatmár has been using the SCHNEIDER Modulo Control Center since the start
of production in 2016 to monitor and control the production flow with an
intelligently designed management cockpit. The active use of the Control Center
leads to lower machine downtimes and better utilization of the tools through
various analysis and troubleshooting options.

The result: The Control Center data helped to drastically increase the lifetime of the diamond tools and the error analysis of the cooling fluid contributed to cost reduction within the overall production.

About Szatmár Optikai Kft.

Specsavers has been a family-owned and operated business for over 30 years, working with their store partners to provide customers with the best service in optometry, audiology and other healthcare services. Szatmár Optikai Kft. produces eyeglass lenses as part of the Specsavers Group and supplies next to UK and Ireland, Spain and the Nothern European markets.

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