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Our vision of the lab of the future is crystal clear: It will be digital, powerful, cost-efficient, sustainable and high-quality. And it is what labs need to be successful, tomorrow and beyond.

Over the next 11 months we will launch 11 new innovations: the Power Lab of the Next Decade. Revealed one by one.

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Latest Launch

No. 10 & 11: Inline Coating - Finally, the time has come for our last two launches in our series of revelations shaping the Power-Lab of the Next Decade. The brand new hardcoating and rapid response coating module were premiered at DigiCON 2022 end of June.

Small Family Business becomes Key Player

CR Surfacing - CR Surfacing produces world-class quality lenses. In Australia, for Australia. Looking for a new full solution partner for excellent machinery and sophisticated lens designs, CR surfacing decided to partner with SCHNEIDER in 2017.

Why Modulo?

Self-organizing philosophy! Working with Modulo is like hitting autopilot on a high-speed jet. The cognitive machines manage the production flow fully self-sufficient. Let the system work for you.