DBA modulo

Automated deblocking, intelligently combined

A new level of automation and efficiency

Drawing on Team Henrich & Krall’s extensive experience in the field of smart automated solutions the one of a kind automated deblocker DBA Modulo promises highest process robustness and stability.

Gentle alloy removal, damage-free

The fast handling system safely transfers the job into the working chamber where the alloy is melted with hot water in a multi step process, separating the lens with high speed from the block. In a matter of seconds the DBA Modulo gently removes the alloy without the danger of lens breakage that occurs with the conventional deblocking methods. Suitable for all lens materials and all alloy types the DBA Modulo can be used in any lab environment.

Ready for reuse

After deblocking the lenses are directly brought back to the tray while the block pieces and the alloy are prepared for immediate reuse in the blocker. The block pieces are collected in a block piece magazine for direct reuse in the CCU guaranteeing a maximum ease of use. The deblocker is the optimal choice to deblock high volumes of jobs easily and efficiently.

The Modulo advantage

DBA Modulo comes with an on-board global interface philosophy that allows connection to the Modulo system.

Once connected to the Modulo system, the machine works as an integral part of this one-of-a-kind solution and is subject to the centralized monitoring Modulo Control Center. The lab manager is fully informed about the current status of the machine. Therefore critical situations and downtime
can be avoided before they arise. Higher uptimes and increased yields are guaranteed.

Modulo Self-Organizing System


Supports the new cognitive Modulo machine philosophy

Fully automated deblocking

Highest throughput

Lowest danger of lens breakage

Automated recycling of block pieces and alloy for immediate reuse

Easy plug & play installation

Low maintenance

Perfect supplement to CCU Modulo


DBA modulo brochure

Technical Data

lens diameter

up to ø 80 mm

lens material

all organic and mineral materials

blocking material

all alloy types

block piece

all common block pieces


block piece sorter (for different block piece heights)

power consumption

11 kVA avg.

air requirement

min. 6 bar (87 psi)

water requirement

demineralized water

weight machine

approx. 550 kg (1213 lb.)

dimensions (width x depth x height)

approx. 2084 x 1904 x 2000 (83 x 75 x 79 inches)

All data subject to change without notice. Please verify details with SCHNEIDER.