The system that works for National Vision Inc.

James Monaghan and Sammy Bady from National Vision Inc., Plano (Texas, USA) share their experience with the peace of mind Modulo lens manufacturing system and how the SCHNEIDER CMMS and Modulo Control Center make their lives easier in daily lab operations.


Learn more about NVI’s experience with the Modulo system in this two-part interview.

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Modulo. The system that works for NVI

So as far as organizing the workflow, [...], we put the tray in, and it comes out done.

James Monaghan
Director of lab operations, NVI in Plano (TX)

The benefit of not piecemealing vendors together to get one whole lab is really peace of mind. [...]
We can contact one person and it it's pretty smooth sailing.

James Monaghan
Director of lab operations, NVI in Plano (TX)

The SCHNEIDER CMMS has made my job a whole lot easier. I can bring in a guy that has mechanical experience but has never seen a piece of SCHNEIDER equipment. [...] It (CMMS) will give them a step-by-step instruction on how to complete the task.

Sammy Bady
Maintenance Manager, NVI in Plano (TX)

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