SUPERIOR OPTICAL LAB / Superior eyeglasses with Modulo

CEO Derek Bodart and COO Tony Jones talk about their Modulo success story

SUPERIOR OPTICAL LAB // Modulo Success Story

“It really is near and dear to my heart to make sure the veterans get their glasses, and the quality, and short turnaround times” says CEO Derek Bodart, and this has been the goal for Superior Optical Lab when the team were looking for right technology for the Lab. Ultimately, they chose SCHNEIDER’s Modulo Line and built a very sophisticated, highly technical laboratory. “I think being a highly technologically advanced digital laboratory makes us a lab that people can count on.” says COO Tony Jones, “[…] it helps us to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied”. And – spoiler alert – this is exactly what Derek and Tony achieved implementing SCHNEIDER’s Modulo Line.

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