Modulo Control Center

A brilliant mind inside

Are you making the most of your investment?

Or is there huge potential still left untapped?

We get a lot of questions from labs worldwide on how to boost performance and throughput, bring down cost per lens, and create a stronger competitive edge.
In fact, many labs are not fully aware about modern options for  optimization. And without that information, they are unlikely to get to that next level.
The solution: The Modulo Control Center.

More than a conventional MES.
Designed specifically for the ophthalmic lab

Based on our experience working with the world’s leading labs we have designed a Control Center tailored specifically to the needs of ophthalmic labs.

It seamlessly interacts with the intelligently interlinked machines, conveyors, and support systems to capture real-time data on each and every relevant aspect of your lab such as machine status, process parameters, and many more.

Consider the Modulo Control Center your management cockpit: It actively tracks performance (throughput, breakage, etc.) and OEE, it pinpoints problems and sends alerts, and it draws your attention to what measures to take proactively to prevent unwanted downtime.

At just a glance, you are presented with all the key insights that provide you with transparency and understanding unlike ever before to support you ideally in decision making. And it provides you with a great set of tools to actively manage your lab and implement changes.

But the Modulo Control Center is more than that. It makes decisions for you – fully automatically – in your best interest, thanks to the smart algorithms and artificial intelligence built in. Industry 4.0 taken to the next level.

Whatever your goal, the Control Center will provide you with the intelligence and the tools needed to achieve your goal and stay on track.

Management Dashboard
Virtual Lab overview
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Active quality monitoring
Statistical error analysis
Tool management
Advanced reporting
Individual routing options
Macro manager
Order history protocol
Remote control capabilities
Open architecture
Smart mobile app

+ 3 exciting new features

Looking back on more than 10 years of experience with the Control Center in the market, we have collected a wealth of experience and have constantly come up with new ideas and functionalities.
The result is a system that continuously evolves and gets better.
With each new release labs are more empowered to run their lab to the fullest of its capability.

Real-time cost tracking

You certainly know the costs of your lease, payroll , utilities, and lens blanks, diamonds, etc. All of which form your decisions in your day to day business.
However, the real costs of a specific job largely remain a secret until now.

What if you knew your costs at all times? The very cost of the job in front of you in real-time, while it is being produced.

The Real-time Cost Tracking module empowers you to finally know the cost of a lens. Not as a report of mean costs, but the true and unique costs.
Based on this, the module provides you with great transparency. It helps you to optimize your production parameters and drives strategic decision making for best pricing.

Actively control your costs! Right now. In real-time.

In depth breakage analysis

Talking about breakage is not a lab manager’s favorite topic. We know.
Still, there is always an interest to reduce it.

What if you knew the true reasons and what you could do proactively to reduce your breakage rate?
You could immediately take action and address the problems.

The in-depth breakage analysis goes deeper than ever before. It breaks down all the reasons and causes for breakage and offers a detailed analysis of all
parameters involved – machine, consumable, blank type, etc. Instead of just breakage numbers, you get actionable information. The basis for active trouble shooting.

Ultimately breakage can be drastically reduced, and yield can be increased significantly.

Now also available for stand-alone and classic lab layouts

The popular Modulo Control Center is now also available for those labs with classic layouts or even stand-alone machines.

How is this possible? Virtual workflow models map the lens and machine specific lens processing history, even if there is no physical connection between the machines at all.

This introduces brand new analysis options. Lab managers gain new found knowledge through information. Troubleshooting is significantly streamlined thanks to unique traceability and most effective root-cause analysis of an error.

Ultimately, this allows labs to benefit from the full set of features and functionality despite not being fully-automated and integrated.