Ideally supported. From a distance.

Advanced Service: Great potential

Labs are constantly seeking ways to operate more profitably and cost effectively. But with machines working as fast as they can, utilization as high as possible and costs cut to a minimum, what other options do labs have for optimization?

The answer is: Further potential can only be unleashed with advanced service.

However, skilled service staff will always be a scarce resource. And even if it exists, the best technicians for the job at hand are not always available.

With the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), SCHNEIDER introduces a smart maintenance and service support system that has been developed specifically for ophthalmic labs to attain increased upkeep and efficiency.

Maintenance and troubleshooting at the next level
SCHNEIDER’s virtual service management software, the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), provides labs with everything they need to streamline preventive and reactive maintenance for higher upkeep and added efficiency.

SCHNEIDER CMMS enables labs to perform maintenance reliably like professionals. The system provides intelligence on how to do maintenance and troubleshoot, assisting labs with maintenance plans, step-by-step video tutorials, manuals and ready-made parts packages.

On top, the system offers remote service support utilizing Augmented Reality glasses or tablets for most effective troubleshooting assistance. Seeing exactly what the technician sees, the SCHNEIDER professionals assess the situation in real-time and direct the technician’s every step.

CMMS comes preconfigured with the full documentation, check lists, videos, as well as predefined workflows and a spare parts catalogue on-board – customized for each individual lab. As machines change, the documentation is always kept up-to date to reflect the current status.

The result is a future proof, living system for efficiency and upkeep never possible before.

Advantages for the technician

Preventive Maintenance

The overview of daily tasks on the tablet app simplifies planning for a quick start. Detailed task instructions and systematic checks guarantee that the technician knows what task to perform on what machine at what time, which tools and what specific parts are required. This way, errors are actively prevented.

If required, the technician can access a variety of content, directly off of the tablet, ranging from detailed task lists, step-by-step instructions, video or PDF tutorials, as well as manuals.

Advantages for the technician

Reactive Maintenance

In the event of an error, the technician can opt for real-time support by skilled SCHNEIDER staff through the CMMS Connect software and either Augmented Reality glasses or tablet app. Based on the live feed, the SCHNEIDER team assesses the situation and provides expert consultation. The smart software allows for active pointing and even broadcasting of information directly to the technician’s field of vision or tablet.

Advantages for the lab manager

The smart desktop application comes fully pre-loaded with all the assets, content, plans and workflows required for the lab manager to get started right away without time consuming preparation or system teaching.

The asset module provides a detailed overview of all the existing machines and the lab’s structure. A smart maintenance and resource planning tool allows the lab manager to swiftly assign tasks to the workforce available quickly and easily.

If required, labs can implement their own plans, tasks and content, e.g. for third party machines. An inventory management and (re)ordering application simplifies the associated spare and wear parts management.

Built-in reporting and analysis features provide transparency and insight on the activities performed including a maintenance tracking history for future optimization. A smart dashboard provides a summary of crucial high-level information at a glance.

To streamline reactive maintenance, statistical errors can be analyzed and respective tasks can be generated automatically.

Advantages for the warehouse

The warehouse version of the tablet app provides the warehouse workers with a list of all the parts that require picking on the day. Instead of picking every little piece one after the other, all the warehouse staff have to do is collect ready-made parts packages following the app’s optional storage location services. Errors in parts picking and mismatch are actively prevented through systematic checks.

Spare part and wear part management becomes as easy as can be thanks to quick inventory assessment options.

Smart API connectivity

The SCHNEIDER CMMS API allows for connection to (Galaxy) tablets and smart glasses, the SCHNEIDER spare parts catalogue and exporting reports and analytics. While CMMS can be run as a standalone system, further options can be introduced in combination with the Modulo system. Once connected, the system actively communicates with the centralized Control Center, exchanging information about e.g. the current status of the machines. If a machine is down, the error messages can be carried over to CMMS for a reactive maintenance task. Higher uptimes and increased yields are guaranteed.


— Preconfigured system with everything on board

— Reduced downtime and unplanned shutdowns

— Reduced training cost

— Optimized stock levels

— Better cost transparency

— Closer link to SCHNEIDER support

— Predefined workflow (customizable)

— Reduced repair time

— Allows implementation of additional plans, tasks and content

— Reduced mismatch

— Better planning and budgeting

— Future proof living system, always up-to-date